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Mar. 22nd, 2008

Uhm yeah.
I dont even know what to say.
Just watch it.

This video is of an undefeated wrestler.
Who has no arms and no legs.

This is him doing a video for a training thing.
He is way stronger than i am.

Kinetic Sculptures

Theo Jansen and his kinetic sculptures.

A complex papercraft inspired by his works:



We may think we've come a long way from monkeys, but really, we haven't.
If only we had tails.


7 Fingers

This one needed an entry all it's own.

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Sicaf Sand Art

Using a projector, sand, and your hand, you can make beautiful artwork.
I always love people who redefine art using conventional items.
It's so much more amazing when you create something seemingly out of nothing.

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Parkour, also known as free running, has to be one of the most amazing feats of animalistic nature i have ever seen.

While watching these videos, it's not to hard to imaging humans running wild through the forests, leaping from tree to tree and swinging like monkeys. These kids show such amazing talent for utilizing their surroundings. That trash can, rail, or bench that seemed to be just that is not the same to them. Looking around city streets and playgrounds they see ramps, landing pads, obstacle courses and more.

This looks amazingly hard to learn, considering how fluid the motions are and how much hesitation i have, even when trying to just jump off something and land on my feet. These kids seem to know no fear. They just start going and become unstoppable machines.

Parkour kids, i salute you.

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Sports Acrobatics

All the individuals who participate in professional Sports Acrobatics are amazing.

Vova and Olga Galchenko

I saw this video of famous juggler Vova and was rather amused by the ability to concentrate and freestyle juggle. Notice how every time he throws them up they seem to cross and spin in the same place at athe same speed. This is true craftsmanship at work.

I was rather amazed by his talent and decided to click around in the related YouTube links. They had many videos from the time they were young and their journey to this level of professionalism.

This is a video from Summer 2004 of him and his sister Olga. Afetr seeing that it was a family talent act, i decided to search a little harder.

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